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Sparrow Soap
With a focus on luxury, Sparrow Soaps are 100% Vegan (no sodium tallowate); contain no preservatives (no parabens), no Palm Oil and basically, no chemicals. Sparrow Soap uses Australian ingredients.

We have selected a few of our favourites to offer with our flowers but for more details please click the link below.
Gardenia - This soap is an exclusive scented soap from Sparrow Soaps to The Daily Blossom. Gardenias are associated with love, purity & refinement. This beautiful scent will have you drifting away in mind & spirit to a place of bliss.
Lemongrass - This gorgeous lemongrass soap bar will brighten your day with its soft, lemon-like scent. Lemongrass has long been known to assist in reducing stress, anxiety and irritability and is one of the most versatile and health-promoting essential oils.
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