A Potted Orchid - Pre Order

The Daily Blossom

Super pretty & perfect for every occasion. We know the recipients of these gorgeous Orchids are going to fall in love with them.
These beautiful Orchids, potted in pretty little pails, are very low maintenance with long lasting, cascading blossoms.
Just keep the spagnum moss around the base damp, the orchid inside & away from heaters, air conditioners & direct hot sunlight, to keep them happy & healthy.
For the avid gardeners, the blossoms will last a very long time, but when they finally drop from their stem, simply cut the stem off at the base & give the plant a light feed with an Orchid specific soluable food like Strike Back for Orchids from Neutrog which we recommend. 
Your orchid has already been fed for you, before delivery, so feeding is only necessary when you are ready to encourage new blooms.
 Don't forget to keep shopping & add some Chocolate, Wine, Candles, Tea, Soap & all the other wonderful locally sourced goodies we have available for delivery.

Happy Days!
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