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+ H I B E R N A T I O N +

It is with heavy hearts that we put TDB into temporary hibernation while this COVID 19 Crisis is happening. 

In a time when you are seeking our services more than ever, the nature of our business means we frequent hospitals, aged care homes, people who are self isolating, and your loved ones. Even taking all precautions we no longer believe it is socially responsible to continue. 

Any short term financial gain we may see as a result of increased demand for our product during this social distancing period, is far over shadowed by the risk to the community while we move between these locations. We feel it is our duty to do what we can to 'flatten the curve'.

We are so very grateful for your ongoing support and I want to emphasise that this measure is temporary. We will be, and have been working behind the scenes to find even more ways to support our sister small businesses once this is over and bring you more exclusively Western Australian floral and gifting options. 

We will be back, bigger and stronger than ever.

Stay safe, stay connected, lean on your village and if it all is too much, reach out to services like Beyond Blue. 

See you soon Perth!

~Jess and The Daily Team.